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Great Getaways

Photo courtesy of Woodstock Chamber of CommerceDiscover Vermont Horse Country in Woodstock and its Surrounding Areas If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a vacation on horseback, Woodstock, Vermont, is an ideal place to visit. Woodstock is close enough for…

Saddlebreds 101

Photo courtesy of ASAM/Terry YoungOur Experts Offer A Helpful Guide for First-Time Owners They are captivating to watch, thrilling to ride, and one of America’s most beloved breeds. Meet the American Saddlebred—known for their kind temperament, dynamic presence, and elegant…

Newport Coaching Weekend

The Revival of a Great American PastimeSet to the sound of hooves on pavement, and framed against a backdrop of 19th century mansions and a downtown streetscape that has barely changed since the 1890s, Newport Coaching Weekend is a journey…

High Tech Hoof Care

Photo Courtesy of Easycare Inc.From rim pads that absorb shock to pour-in sole pads, and hoof boots for every need, a farrier’s job has gone way beyond nailing a shoe to a hoof  Non-traditional shoeing products and methods used to…

Trail Talk: Mind Your Manners

The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Responsible Trail Rider Part I: Etiquette on the TrailIt’s a quiet, relaxing day on the trail. Nothing could be better. But wait, what’s that? Oh, no, a mountain biker is racing towards you!…

Introducing Digital HYP

The Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar is pleased to introduce HYP, our free, completely redesigned digital magazine filled with interactive videos, stories, contests and much more. Highlights in this issue include:• Meeting Thoroughbred racehorses who are making a difference • Learning the…

The Future of Dressage

Photo by Mystical PhotographyExperts Maryal Barnett, Lendon Gray and Linda Schultz Weigh In On the Direction of the Sport The sport of dressage has come a long way in the past thirty years. As one of the fastest growing equestrian…

Art Comes To Life

Photo by Suzanne SturgillLearn the History of the Horses That Were Forever Influenced by the ArtsAlthough many people appreciate Baroque horses, few understand the history behind these breeds that are famed for their muscular bodies and thick, long flowing locks.…

Stable Solutions: Are You Covered?

Insurance For Your Horses, Farm and Equine BusinessWe all have health insurance and automobile insurance to help us pay large, unexpected bills in these areas. For similar reasons, horse owners and equine professionals need to consider purchasing insurance coverage for…

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