Rock On in Iceland

As the temperatures in the Northeast drop and we head into sweater weather, many of us may be looking for warmer places to visit. However, this October we recommend Iceland for your next travel destination. Traveling to Iceland in fall…

It's Showtime in Saugerties, NY

Home of many major horse events in the Northeast, HITS-on-the-Hudson is one of the four U.S. locations that brand the HITS name, and equestrians can visit the gorgeous facility in Saugerties, NY, throughout the show season. The HITS Saugerties Show…

Trot Around Town in Tryon, NC

Who wouldn’t want to visit a town that highlights both horses and wine? Tryon, NC, and the surrounding areas are packed with rolling hills of vineyards, the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), and some delicious food—does it get any better…

Bridle Trail Adventures in Kirkland, WA

Washington has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. With the constant rain, everything is lush and beautiful, especially to those who love trail riding. In the town of Kirkland, people gather to escape life in the…

Roaming Romania

Though Romania may not be at the top of most equestrians’ bucket lists, this beautiful country has a lot of respect for horses. Many residents still use horses for farm and labor; perhaps this is because of the need for…

Artistic Allentown—Allentown, NJ

The little town of Allentown may not be recognized by the average person, but for us horse people, we will surely recognize the name. Home to many large events, including the Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event, The Horse Park of…

The Greenest Pastures in Ireland

Ireland, the land of rolling greens, historic castles, freckles, and dark beer is a dreamy holiday destination. The country has diverse options for cities. You have Dublin, Galway, Cork, Derry-Londonderry, and Belfast, for starters. Each city gives a sense of…

Kicking it with Kangaroos in Australia

G’day mates! This month we are taking a look at the great Outback! From the water to the desert, Australians live life to the fullest, and on the edge. Be ready for an adventure when you make it to Australia!…

Horses and History in Leesburg, VA

The state of Virginia holds a lot of history and its little town of Leesburg is no different. Located just 33 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Leesburg is significant for its soil once was the battlegrounds of the Civil War.…

Spruced Up—Calgary, Canada

The city of Calgary, a providence of Alberta, right near the Canadian Rockies, is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Canada. Exploring the city may seem overwhelming at times, however there are many hidden and not so hidden gems…

Under the Tuscan Sun—Tuscany, Italy

When most think of Tuscany, they think of rolling hills, fine wine, amazing food, ancient architecture, and passionate people. However, Tuscany’s passion expands to horses as well.

Wash Ashore on Martha's Vineyard

Summertime on Martha’s Vineyard is the season of washashores, or seasonal visitors to the island as local residents call them, arriving to take over this small, 20-mile-long block of land off of the coast of Massachusetts. From June to September, the Vineyard becomes bustling with tourists and vacationers returning to their summer homes to soak up the sun and escape the mainland.

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- A Look at the United States Equestrian Federation’s Safe Sport Program

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