On the Road Again

For those who heavily travel with their horses—whether for frequent shows, leisure rides, or just as part of a nomadic lifestyle— moving horses regularly or for long distances can be just as stressful, if not more so, for our equines…

Unity in the Lone Star State

It’s rare to find a place that makes you feel a part of their community after a quick visit, but this month we explore a place that does exactly that. Just west of the largest Texan metropolis of Houston is…

A Glass of Chardon-neigh, Please

Horses and wine go hand-in-hand—try to find a bonafide adult amateur (or trainer) who doesn’t appreciate a glass of wine at the end of the show day. Go ahead and call us enablers because we found the perfect pieces for…

Winter Socks Tested

1. KERRITS HORSE PLAY WOOL SOCKS Our tester loved the new berry color that Kerrits came out with for their Horseplay Wool Socks—the artistically printed knee-high socks are designed like any other riding sock, but are a bit prettier, in…

Collecting Thoughts with Adrienne Lyle

Adrienne’s love of horses started early in life, on her family farm on Whidbey Island, WA. Originally introduced to dressage through three-day eventing, Adrienne decided to focus solely on dressage in her early teens. She eventually went on to seek…

Warm Winter Wear

With cold winter days and even colder nights, staying warm at the barn is of the utmost importance—no one wants to be frozen while visiting their favorite four-legged friend. [1] Redingote Equestrian Jumpsuit ($378) More than just a jacket, this…

The Biggest and Best of 2018

What a year 2018 has been, and it technically isn’t even over yet! From moments that made history to those that had the crowds going wild, we wrapped up the biggest happenings of the year. February 14th 2018 seemed to…

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