From School to Saddle

Many scholastic riders know the struggle of having to hurriedly change after class and rush to their lesson. To save some time (and to bring some equestrian flair into the classroom) we found the perfect pieces that can easily go…

Working Gear—Cross-Country Attire

The cross-country course is the last place a rider wants to be worrying about their outfit. Whether they’re in Beginner Novice or contesting Training Level, we found some pieces that are perfect for an eventer’s favorite phase. [1] Tredsep Ireland…

Horse and Hound

A dog may be man’s best friend, but equestrians have another four-legged love. It isn’t rare for a rider to have a lead rope in one hand and a leash in the other. To keep everyone looking coordinated, we found…

Made For Walking

Riders know to keep their toes covered at the barn, but proper (and fashionable) footwear is important wherever you go. Whether you are headed out to run errands, a night on the town, or muck some stalls, these sandals, boots,…

Hello, Spring!

With warm temperatures on the horizon, it’s time to tuck away the sweaters and scarves. Say goodbye to the colder weather and spring into the saddle with these pastel, floral, and lightweight pieces inspired by the vernal season. [1] Helly…

Daring Show Coats

Thanks to some bold top riders, the range of show coat colors seen in the show jumping ring has been expanding in the past few years. From olive green to bright burgundy to trendy teal, we found some unique and…

Take A Bow

Before “hunter hair” and tall boots, riders under the age of 12 get the luxury of showing with colorful show bows bouncing around on the ends of their braids. Gone are the days of plain ribbons and simple knots—these beautiful…

Carry On—Equestrian Bags

Whether you’re carrying your riding gear or your everyday necessities, a cute bag is the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. Check out these six equestrian inspired bags that are as fun as they are functional! [1] Rebecca Ray…

Take Care With Essential Skincare for Equestrians

We take immaculate care of our horses, but while making sure our four-legged friends have mirror-shiny coats, we often neglect to take care of ourselves. Equestrians need some pampering too! So we found the skincare essentials that are perfect for riders and will keep your skin as happy as your horse is when he sees you’ve got a pocket full of treats.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

We all know the saying, but your hands can actually be as warm as your heart this season (seriously, check out those mittens)! Long winter days at the barn often leave equestrians chilled to the bone, so pop on these cozy pieces before heading out to stay warm and to keep the chill away.

Fall Fashion

The leaves are changing, the horses are spunky, and a chill is in the air—fall is here! Time to stow away those summer styles and break out the cozy sweaters and flannels. From autumnal colors to warm pieces, we’ve got…

Back To School

We know you’d rather be at the barn, but school doesn’t have to be a drag! These supplies bring horses into the classroom (minus the hay!), so being a straight A student is as easy as tacking up.

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