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The Anxious Amateur

Over, Under, or Through

  Bryan Nigro photoThe venerable George Morris has said it time and time again: there’s no option for a jump other than going over, under, or through. I have to agree with Sir George on this front (and oh so…


My happiest days in Virginia were spent with horses. My anxious musings have shaped the person I’ve become in a bunch of ways (positive and non), but one of the biggest life-changers for me was my flop of a freshman…


By Jane Carlton I dabbled with naming this post “Change Isn’t Scary,” but that would be a straight up lie. To me, change is terrifying. Whether it’s something as simple as buying a new helmet or as complicated as switching…


One perk of sitting out horse shows: meeting your friend's gorgeous mare, Dutch. As the most anxious of amateurs know (and I know you’re all out there), sometimes sitting on the sidelines is better than hopping on at a show.…

How Low Can You Go?

Jump height and I have never been best friends. When I was younger, I always looked longingly at those 3'6" jumps, but my fear (and, let’s be real, my lack of skill) always held me back. There were a few…

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