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Buying A Horse

By Tim Hayes Of all the major decisions people are faced with—getting married, having children, buying a house, buying a car, changing jobs or getting divorced—buying a horse, unless you are a professional horse trainer or have years of horsemanship…

Getting Hurt By Gentle Horses

A gentle horse acting naturally.   By Tim Hayes If you’re alive, at some time in your life you will most likely get hurt. If you interact with horses consistently you are not only likely to get hurt, you are…

How and Why Horses Help Our Children

Photo courtesy of Cher Feitelberg By Tim Hayes Throughout human history, people have loved owned, and ridden horses. Horses fascinate us; they silently speak to our hearts. However in the last few years, something new, and quite extraordinary, has been discovered…

How Horses Heal Humans

Photo courtesy of Stephanie & Eliza Lockhart Collection By Tim Hayes Twenty years ago, as I began to gather research that would eventually form the basis of my book, Riding Home—The Power of Horses to Heal, I had my first eyewitness…

Why Groundwork is so Important

By Tim Hayes The Spanish Riding School in Vienna Austria is considered by most to be the finest school of riding and horsemanship in the world. To become a member, learn classical dressage and master the art of training the great white…

Horses, Autism and Healing

By Tim Hayes When Rachel was seven; her mom, Lynn, took her to three different child therapists for what she called “traditional talk therapy.” Rachel hated it and, after a while, refused to go. Most of the time Rachel, was simply…

Know Your Horse's State Of Mind!

Story & Photo Via: Tim Hayes Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who is in a panic or so angry they’re “blind with rage”? You can’t. This person is overcome with out-of-control emotions. Their entire being is flooded…

Getting Hurt By Gentle Horses

Story and Photo Via: Tim Hayes If you’re alive, at sometime in your life you will most likely get hurt. If you interact with horses consistently you are not only likely to get hurt, you are choosing to participate in…

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  • Discussing Diversity in the Equestrian Industry
  • A look at the United States Eventing Association’s Future and Young Event Horse Programs

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