Kelley Roche

Horses and History in Leesburg, VA

The state of Virginia holds a lot of history and its little town of Leesburg is no different. Located just 33 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Leesburg is significant for its soil once was the battlegrounds of the Civil War. Many who visit the town enjoy having a tour of Ball’s Bluff Battlefield and Cemetery on Route 15. The park…

Spruced Up—Calgary, Canada

The city of Calgary, a providence of Alberta, right near the Canadian Rockies, is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Canada. Exploring the city may seem overwhelming at times, however there are many hidden and not so hidden gems that cannot be missed. Though the skyscrapers may give off a business-oriented feel, there are many multicultural districts in Calgary….

The Northeast’s 10 Best Trail Ride Events

When you live in the Northeast, it is easy to forget just how lucky we are to have all four seasons in such a beautiful and unique landscape. And what better way to take in the natural splendor of our states’ scenery? Trail riding! Though many of us prefer not to go on trails alone, or we may not have one near our barn, we do have fantastic organizations that work to put on the best events for members and the public.

5 Hay Hazards

As natural grazers, horses spend a majority of their free time eating. Therefore, it is imperative to feed horses safe, clean, and healthy hay. Feeding questionable hay can result in digestive issues, nutrient deficiency issues, and even possible death. By taking the proper steps to ensure that the hay is safe, you also work to ensure that your horse is safe.

Bad Habit Breakers—Gadgets to Fix Common Riding Problems

Many riders grow up having their instructors chant the same old phrases. “Heels down,” “shoulders back,” and “hands up” are some of the more common ones. What’s funny is that even after years, most still struggle with these bad habits. Verbal conditioning has not served us justice. Finally, our saviors have been invented to help aid the battle against bad…