UV Protective Gear Tested

1. Kensington Protective Products UViator Protective Mask Blocking UV rays is what the UViator mask was made for and it does just that—it blocks up to 90% of them! Our tester popped this mask on a light-faced gelding for a…

Pony Brigade

On every horse lover’s travel bucket list, you’ll find Virginia’s only resort island, Chincoteague Island. National famous thanks to the beloved children’s’ book by Marguerite Henry, Misty of Chincoteague, the island has a certain quality every horse lover will enjoy,…

Summer Headwear

For equestrians who spend their summers at horse shows, teaching lessons, or even just riding in the sun, staying in the shade is difficult. Protect yourself from the sun and UV rays this season with these top picks for the…

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  • Q&A With Junior Young Rider Champion Anna Weniger
  • Creating a Fire Emergency Plan
  • Top Training Techniques From Cutting Master Ben Roberson

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