2018 12 Days of Christmas Contest—Day 7

Sponsored by Poulin Grain

On the seventh day of Equine Journal’s 12 Days of Christmas Contest, Poulin Grain and EJ give to you…a gift certificate for 10 bags of E-TEC® Fibre-Max!

E-TEC® Fibre-Max is a high fat, high fiber super feed for performance horses that require high calorie intake but may be sensitive to grain rich diets. This feed is suitable for every life stage and includes highly digestible fiber sources to help support a healthy diet, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to provide joint and health benefits, and 100% organic selenium and 100% natural vitamin E to support health and immune function.

**Gift certificate is only valid at a Poulin Grain retailer. Visit poulingrain.com website for retailer locations.**

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