From Pasture to Performance: Interview With The Modern Equestrian, Isabelle Bright

The Modern Equestrian—Cool, Confident, & Coordinated

Isabelle Bright is impeccably dressed and all smiles riding chance in the Maxtra Half Pad.
©Vanessa Hughes at Lady Photographic

One of Isabelle’s infamous “A View from the Top” shots.

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’re familiar with The Modern Equestrian. Isabelle Bright, the rider behind the account, was inspired to create her brand after a stint working at a tack store. Over time, her passion evolved into a full-on side hustle as an equestrian influencer. We talked to Isabelle about being an influencer and how her exposure to different products has impacted her buying decisions.

To me, being an equestrian influencer means showcasing my modern take on a traditional sport. The clothes I wear and the gear I use as an influencer should always check two boxes: they should be flattering and functional and they need to help me tell my story. If something isn’t my style or isn’t useful on the horse, I’m only hurting my vision for The Modern Equestrian and myself. I actively seek out brands that I think take my same approach when developing their products. By setting those standards for myself I’ve been lucky enough to work with companies that ask me to think of new and fun ways to show off their product and my personal style!

When I first started riding in the early 1990s, I remember wearing a cotton t-shirt, tan drawstring breeches, and brown paddock boots to nearly every lesson. My town didn’t have a tack store and I could only order from Dover for shows. When I got to college, I finally had a local tack shop, but it was still lacking the variety I was looking for. So I was inspired to create The Modern Equestrian and start seeking out brands on my own.

When it comes to discovering new products, the sheer volume of what’s available can be overwhelming. Without a doubt there are more tack companies today than there were when I was growing up. I often find clothes or tack through hashtags or other influencers, but I always do my own research and make sure the gear is something my horse and I need. Additionally, it’s imperative that the products I buy or receive from ambassador programs are made to last. I don’t have the time or the money to replace gear that falls apart after a few weeks of normal day-to-day use. The Maxtra half-pad is one of the products I found that is both practical and well made. It helps with impact absorption and is shimmable for a more customized fit. It also happens to come in my favorite color, black!

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