Marilyn Little’s Top Three Tips for Show Ring Success

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Marilyn Little is a seasoned competitor, having represented the U.S. internationally in both eventing and show jumping. Her long list of career highlights includes many wins at prestigious competitions like the 2015 Pan American Games, where she was an Individual and Team Gold Medalist. Marilyn kindly took some time to share three of her top tips to make sure you bring your A-game to the show ring:

Top Three Tips for Show Ring Success:

Marilyn Riding RF Scandalous in her innovative Maxtra saddle pad by Intrepid International.
Photo by Callie Heroux.

1) Stress never wins!
Be confident in your abilities because you are prepared and know what to expect. A confident, relaxed rider will get the most from their horse. And I always smile as I am going into the ring. Even if it’s a hard day or you’re nervous or cold, your horse will feel your excitement and optimism. They need to know it’s all good and that you’ve got this!

2) Choose your support people wisely.
Are they ideal for you? For your horse? Does each person help bring out the best in you both? Sometimes less is more. You don’t need a pit crew. You do need space and time to think and get yourself and your horse in the best place possible.

3) Bad warmups happen.
Despite best laid plans, be prepared to leave a bad warmup in the warm-up area. Nobody has to win the warm-up. Shake it off, give your horse a pat, and don’t let a little misstep follow you into the show ring.

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