The Right Horse Trailer Can Help Your Problem Horse Load with Less Stress

This horse was terrified of the narrow doorway on his old horse trailer, so his owner got a Double D Trailers SafeTack three-horse slant load trailer. Now, the swing-away tack storage area gives them enough room to walk calmly onto and off of the trailer.

The SafeTack storage compartment is fully enclosed to keep your tack and grooming supplies secure and organized.

You can choose to add a side ramp and door for a SafeTack Reverse Slant Load horse trailer. This orientation lets you easily walk your horse onto and off of the trailer without ever needing to back up.

The SafeTack Reverse Slant Load horse trailer is a patented design that allows your horse to travel with less leg fatigue and stress.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as planning a day of fun only to have your horse refuse to load onto the trailer. No matter how much you push, pull, and beg, he is not going to get on without a fight. Maybe the problem isn’t with your horse—maybe you just have the wrong type of horse trailer!

You see, many horse trailer brands on the market don’t fully account for how a horse’s brain works. Horses are “fight or flight” animals, so they see a horse trailer as a scary metal box designed to trap them. The trailer interior is often hot and dark with stagnant air, noisy metal dividers, and cramped quarters. These trailers don’t meet a horse’s four basic needs: light, air, space, and a feeling of safety.

For instance, think of a conventional slant load horse trailer. This type of trailer often has a stationary tack compartment in the rear corner, which leaves a very narrow entry way for both you and your horse to enter and exit the trailer. Not only is this doorway intimidating to a horse, but it can also be very unsafe for the handler. Even if you manage to coax your nervous horse through this narrow doorway, he will likely experience elevated levels of stress. In a worst case scenario, he panics, and pins you against the sides of the trailer in his rush to get out. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you encounter the second major trailer problem—unloading. Many horses will explode off the back of the trailer when asked to offload.

Overall, trailering can become a dangerous and stressful experience for both you and your horse.

More Room for Loading and Unloading

To help with these issues, Double D Trailers has designed the innovative SafeTack horse trailer that allows for more room for loading and unloading. Plus, it lets a horse to walk fully onto and off of a trailer without the need to back up. The stationary tack storage compartment found on most slant load trailers has been replaced with a SafeTack compartment. It is fully enclosed, lockable, and lets you store your saddles, bridles, and grooming equipment. Best of all, the entire SafeTack compartment swings out like a second door, leaving you with a wide open space for loading and unloading. Double D Trailers are designed to be very bright and airy inside, so horses can easily see that there is no threat inside the trailer.

Rear Facing Horse Trailer Option

Once on board, there is enough room for you to turn your horse and walk him forwards off the rear end of the trailer. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for a side ramp and door on your custom horse trailer. With this option, you can load your horse from the side doorway and walk him into a rear-facing stall. Multiple scientific studies have shown that horses can travel with less stress in a rear facing horse trailer. Plus, this orientation allows them to better brace their bodies during braking and leave the trailer with less leg fatigue. When you are ready to unload, simply open the rear trailer door and walk your horse straight off the back of the trailer. It’s easy!

Learn More About This ‘Horse-Friendly’ Horse Trailer

These are just a few of the features that make Double D Trailers a safer and more horse-friendly option for your difficult loader. We didn’t even mention the SafeKick walls, SafeBump roof, superior Z-Frame construction, or the ventilations features available on this design.

All of the horse trailers from Double D Trailers are custom made-to-order so you can choose the exact features that you want for your dream trailer. Check out the fun and handy customization tool on to get started.

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