Stable Supplies

1. AgSilver CleanBucket

Infused with ionic silver to control bacteria, this bucket keeps water clean and fresh for longer than a traditional plastic vessel. Our tester was pleasantly surprised to find that the claims of this bucket are true—her horse really did prefer water from the CleanBucket as opposed to that in a traditional one. We put it to the test and after being used for a few days alongside a plastic one, we found this bucket to still be slime-free. If your horse is a picky drinker or your buckets aren’t scrubbed regularly, the CleanBucket is well worth the investment!
Buy it:; $29.95

2. Kensington Protective Products Stall Guard

A heavy-duty guard to keep your horse safely inside the stall, the Kensington Stall Guard is as pretty as it is functional. Wide nylon webbing and plaid printed mesh make this stall guard durable enough to stand up to our tester’s horse’s persistent pre-feeding pawing—it still looks brand new months later! Kensington’s range of colors means that you’ll have no problem matching this to the rest of your gear or your barn colors, and adjustable straps make it perfect for any size stall door.
Buy it:; $64.99

3. Better Bucket

This bucket really is better! Ergonomically designed and tapered for the horse’s face, the Better Bucket is made with the horse in mind. Our tester’s gelding, a known bolter of feed, eats noticeably slower and calmer when fed in the Better Bucket as opposed to other feeders. The angled front makes for a wide opening that gives the horse easy access while acting like a funnel and keeping the feed in the bottom of the bucket. At the same price point as a normal round bucket, this better bucket is a no-brainer.
Buy it:; $10

4. Noble Outfitters Wave Fork

Though pitchforks may seem to be all the same, Noble Outfitters’ Wave Fork stands out among the rest—with its wave design and heavy-duty, flexible tines, this fork can support more weight! After only 15 minutes of assembly, our tester found that the wave fork has a nice foam grip, is lightweight, and has replaceable tines in case one does break (i.e. you don’t have to replace the entire fork!). The fork comes in various color combinations and will surely stand out at the barn. Though a bit pricey, this fork will last much longer than the standard pitchfork thanks to its durability and replaceable parts.
Buy it:; $49.95

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