Back To School

We know you’d rather be at the barn, but school doesn’t have to be a drag! These supplies bring horses into the classroom (minus the hay!), so being a straight A student is as easy as tacking up.

[1] Carrot Pen with Horse ($18)
Take your notes (or doodle ponies in the margins) with this adorable pen.

[2] Horse Lunch Box ($26)
This fun lunch box has a chalkboard under the lid so parents can leave sweet notes for their kiddo.

[3] Get It Girl Greeting Card ($4.99)
You got this! Write your best friend an encouraging message to ace that chemistry test in this inspiring card.

[4] Horses Rucksack ($37.39)
Don’t forget to pack your books in this cute backpack that is perfect for class and the barn.

[5] Personalized Notebook ($14.99)
Who doesn’t love a pretty, personalized, pony-patterned notebook to take notes in?

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