Equine Journal’s August Issue Has Arrived!

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What you’ll find inside:
  • 10 Top Trail Rides in the Northeast
    The must-go events to enjoy the outdoors from horseback.

  • Amazing Barn Restorations
    Including those satisfying before and after shots!

  • An Intro to Lateral Movements
    Where to start and how to move forward—and laterally.

  • Shipping products put to the test
  • Hot weather wear
  • Exploring Tuscany, Italy
  • Make a delicious strawberry pineapple smoothie for after the barn
  • News from around New England, our Affiliates, and more!

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  • Vital Information About Vitals
    How to check your horse’s vital signs.
  • 5 Hay Hazards
    What to watch for in your bales.
  • Hot Weather Horse Care
    How to care for your horse in the heat.

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