Grooming Tools Tested

HandsOn Gloves

These grippy gloves are a stylish take on a shedding blade-curry comb hybrid in glove form. Whether it’s before a ride or during bath time, these gloves have you covered. Our tester found that because the gloves are so flexible, in order to get full use she had to press down firmly, using her entire hand. With a bit of soap, these are perfect for complete coverage and even distribution of soap for baths. The tight grip on the gloves is perfect during shedding season. HandsOn comes in three sizes and our tester recommends trying on the gloves before purchase—a tight fit is important.
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Noble Outfitters Wine Down Hoof Pick

You never know when you’ll need a corkscrew at the barn! Our tester loved this hoof pick for both of its uses—picking hooves and popping open a bottle of wine. Stainless steel and a wooden handle make the pick as sturdy as it is pretty. Picking ground-in dirt out of hooves is easy with the solid, two-inch pick at the end, and the hidden corkscrew is easy to access for opening your celebratory beverage of choice after taking champion in your division. This novelty pick is a unique addition to your grooming bag and a must-have for a wine-lover.
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Mrs. Conn’s Shampoo-Filled Sponge

Tired of reaching over for the bottle of shampoo in mid-bath? Mrs. Conn’s sponges are the cure for that! These sponges come in a variety of five shampoo scents and are good for multiple uses. Plus, they’re easy to use—all the user needs to do is add water to the sponge. Our tester found the sponge’s flower-like shape made it easy to grip and fit nicely in hand. Though they aren’t as easy to use in the mane and tail, our tester’s horse was soft, smooth, and smelling great after a bath with Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day Shampoo Sponge.
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Wellesley Equestrian Show Brush

It isn’t yours if your name isn’t on it and Wellesley Equestrian knows that, so they personalize your brushes for you. Our tester loved the custom nature of the grooming tools—a brass plate firmly attached to the backside of the brush. The “Hard Enough For Dirt” brush is a long-bristled dandy brush that did great at getting all of the ground in dirt out of our tester’s horse’s coat. While a bit on the pricier side, it is worth it for a custom brush that no one will be able to steal no matter how bad they want to.
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