Mind Your Melon

Troxel ES

While Troxel has many helmet styles to choose from, the ES is a modern choice due to its attractive and show-appropriate micro-suede material. With vents subtly placed under a mesh centerline, our tester had airflow consistent from visor to base. The ES is also lined with a comfortable padding and enough space in the back to support a low bun to keep your style neat. Due to the padding, sizes may run a bit small, which could be problematic for riders with thick, long hair; however the extra padding is removable, adjustable, and washable—all features our tester loved.
Buy it: troxel.com; $109.95

One K Defender Air

Our tester loved this helmet so much, she ended up buying it! As someone with a somewhat small head who often finds herself “between” helmet sizes, she opted to give the medium a try, and was psyched to test the built-in finger pump which helped give her a much more customized fit than she had with her previous headgear. She also enjoyed the comfort of the helmet, which felt so good she thought she could take a nap in it (but didn’t). There were no complaints from this happy rider!
Buy it: onekhelmets.com; $309.95

Miss Shield Shadowmatt

Our tester loved the face-flattering wide brim of the Miss Shield that shaded her eyes and face from the harsh sun without restricting her peripheral vision. While the ventilation throughout the helmet was superb (you can actually feel the air flowing from front to back as you ride), the removable liner is easy to wash when your head inevitably gets a little sweaty. Lastly, the Shadowmatt shell is easy to quickly wipe down after a dusty ride and doesn’t fade like some suede helmets can. Between the wide brim and internal airflow, the sun is no match for this helmet.
Buy it: samshield.com; $499

CharlesOwen V8

Does anyone like the feeling of a sweaty helmet? No. Our resident Charles Owen lover was psyched that her favorite helmet comes in a version with a removable liner that is easily tossed in the wash between rides. Though she noted that the liner is a bit tricky to Velcro back into the helmet perfectly, the V8 is highly ventilated, so your need to pull out the liner isn’t daily. Our tester was also a huge fan of the extra-fine mesh in the center, which kept the helmet looking polished and show-ring ready, and she also loved the easy to hook harness.
Buy it: charlesowen.com; $439

Troxel Spirit

Troxel’s Spirit helmet is perfect for any hot heads out there. Venting is placed in strips along the stylish matte plastic surface. Like the ES style, there is removable and washable padding along the inside of the helmet, making our tester forget they were wearing a helmet. Our tester suggests having a friend help adjust the dial at the base of the helmet, due to the slightly odd angle. The flip fold feature on the inside allows padding to be removed or added to ensure correct comfort and fitting.
Buy it: troxel.com; $49.95

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