Four Bug Busters


1. Equifit Ear Bonnet

Our tester’s ear-sensitive horse seemed to love this bonnet from Equifit! While her horse often gets distracted by the fabric of most bonnets on his ears, the fine, lightweight, and stretchy spandex mesh that makes up the ears kept our tester’s horse happy and focused throughout her ride. The mesh head cap portion is breathable and perfect for those warm, buggy rides. Our tester’s favorite feature? The contour that kept the bonnet in place sans unsightly string tie and the leather edge that made it show-ring ready.
Buy it:; $94

2. Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose

This full-coverage fly sheet is for the insecthating horse! With longer sides, a belly flap, neck cover, and large tail flap, this fly sheet protects the majority of your horse’s body from those bothersome bugs. Our tester loved the UV protection fabric that keeps your beloved horse from becoming sun-bleached or burned. While the mesh had a slightly plastic feel, it moved easily with the horse’s movement and was breathable enough to prevent overheating. The Vamoose Insect Control Technology made keeping the bugs at bay even easier, saved our tester some fly spray, and made the sheet worth the price.
Buy it:; $213.24

3. Rambo Plus Fly Mask Vamoose

Looking for a fly mask that doesn’t rub your horse’s sensitive eyes? Our tester found that this mask looked large at first, but the Rambo Plus Fly Mask is one-of-a-kind with its eye protection wiring to allow room within the mask for the horse to be comfortable, but also prevent flies from resting on the face. Though the fly mask’s adjustability may be lacking, there are four sizes to help fit your horse’s needs. This mask is also UV protected for those easily sunburned blazes and is fine meshed from the tip of the nose to the tip of the ears.
Buy it:; $53.27

4. SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet

Who doesn’t love a soft fly sheet that is budget friendly? The new SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet offers just that! This sheet covers your horse from poll to tail in a lightweight mesh that blocks 70% of UV rays (say goodbye to those unattractive bleach spots). Our tester found the soft fabric to be super breathable and kept her horse comfortable without getting too hot or causing rubbing and she loved the belly band that kept her horse’s buggy belly kicking at bay. In addition, the belly coverage and long tail flap made it difficult for flies to creep under the sheet and bite from inside.
Buy it:; $79.95

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