Eco-Friendly Products

1. EcoLicious Equestrian De-Stress

Skip the silicon in most detanglers—you want your horse’s tail to be healthy, not covered in a coat of “super silky” plastic. Our tester (whose tactic for a full tail is to not brush it) was impressed with how easily her horse’s tail went from tangled to tame after using De-Stress. The product cut her detangling time in half and has a nice scent to boot! While it does come out a bit oily and runny (it is jam-packed with healthy oils like coconut and apricot kernel), it easily absorbed into the hair, leaving it feeling soft and smooth for days after.
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2. The Herbal Horse Saddle Butter

Everyone knows that the abundance of leather in the barn can be dry, and our tester admitted to her saddle being just that. After working the organic Saddle Butter into the clean saddle with her hands as suggested, she noticed not only that her throne was moisturized and grippy the next day, but smelled like chocolate oranges, too! When melted down (it liquefies with warmth), the conditioner acted like an oil, making her new bridle soft and supple. Our tester also noted that while it didn’t darken her previously oiled saddle or bridles, it did darken the new bridle to a beautiful brown.
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3. Absorbine CoolDown

Some days it can take forever to cool out a sweaty horse even after a cold hosing, so our tester loved this herbal rinse for her sensitive skinned mare who runs quite warm after a ride. The concentrated formula was easy to dilute with water and control how mild or strong you might want the rinse to be. When sponged on, it wiped away any post-ride grime and significantly cooled down her mare’s skin almost instantly. It gets bonus points for having essential oils and herbs that made the barn smell heavenly and for leaving our tester’s horse’s coat soft.
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4. Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion

Sensitive horses love Sore No-More! Our tester’s gelding, who is known to get hives with even the most diluted liniment, had no reaction to this all-natural alternative. A little applied to his lumbar area after a demanding lesson and a little more before the next day’s ride left him feeling loose and as good as new where he normally would have been a bit stiff. The consistency is easy to use and put directly where you want it, and since it is free of any FEI banned substances, it is a great addition to your horse show grooming routine to keep your horse on top of his game.
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