Connecticut 4-H Quiz Bowl and Communications Competition a Success

On Saturday, April 1, there were no fools at the Middlesex County Extension Center competing in the Quiz Bowl Contest and Communications Contest!

Quiz Bowl

The winner of the Novice Quiz Bowl contest was Charlotte Behnke and second place went to Olivia Hatt—they were only separated by 2 points!

Photo by Patricia Bandzes

In the Junior Quiz Bowl Contest, the winning team was Middlesex Green made up of Charlotte Behnke, Sophia Otis, Ellie Shepard, and Kayden Vanderweide. In second place was New London Pink made up of Victoria Hatt, Rebekah Jacobs, Hunter Lanagan, and Juliette Savignac. In third place was Litchfield Blue; Natalie Charpientier, Abby Fuller, Lyndsay Hoffman, and Makenzie Maynard. In fourth place was teh Tolland/Litchfield Aqua team of Julia Beauvieu, Lilly Grua, and Lindsey Savoie. In fifth place was New London Orange; Lena Byers, Amanda Downey, Maisy Hofman and Lilly Lacey. In sixth place was New London Yellow made up of Ashley Burgess, Felicity Kushner, Veronica Kushner, and Michaela Murphy.

Top junior individuals from 1st to 10th were: 1) Sophia Otis, 2) Ellie Shepard, 3) Hunter Lanagan, 4) Juliette Savignac, 5) Kayden Vanderweide, 6) Julia Beauvieu, 7) Natalie Charpientier, 8) Lilly Lacey, 9) Charlotte Behnke, and 10) Lyndsay Hoffman.

In the Senior Quiz Bowl Contest, the winning team was Litchfield made up of Brianna Castrogiovanni, Hannah Legendre, Shyanne Ostrander and Amber Sacchi. In second place was the team from Tolland/New London with Maddy Hatt, Hailyn Kane, Avery Savoie and Cadee Savoie. In third place for Senior Quiz Bowl was the New London team of Alina Carroll, Amanda Clifford, Meghan Clifford and Maddie Hofman.

Top senior individuals in Senior Quiz Bowl were Amber Sacchi, Maddie Hatt, Avery Savoie, Brianna Castrogiovanni, Shyanne Ostrander, Meghan Clifford, Hannah Legendre, and Cadee Savoie.

Thank to the chair of the Quiz Bowl contest; Trish Leonard, judges Beth Alger, Emily Alger and Dr. Jenifer Nadeau, scorers intern Rebecca Groves and UConn students Audree Herrera Symonds, Shauneen O’Neill, and Ben Robinson.


In Novice Public Speaking, winner Olivia Hatt gave a talk on “Caring for my Horses.”

In Junior Public Speaking, winner Caroline Holmberg gave a talk entitled “All About Draft Horses.” Second place went to Michaela Murphy with “Equine Nutrition”, third was Rebekah Jacobs with “The Darley Arabians’ Journey”, fourth was Amanda Fadgen with “Horse Judging Basics”, and fifth was Abi Fuller with “Getting My First Horse.”

In Senior Public Speaking, the winner was Avery Savoie who discussed “The Impact of Drugs on the Horse Industry.”

Photo by Ellen Jamaitus

The Junior Team Demonstration winners were Victoria Hatt and Juliette Savignac with “Holding Your Horses.” In second place was Julia Beaulieu and Lindsey Savoie with “Vital Facts about Vital Signs.”

The Senior Team Demonstration winners were Maddy Hatt and Hailynn Kane with “What’s In YOUR Pocket?”

The Senior Individual Presentation winner was Madison Jamaitus with her presentation on “Are You Halter Ready” and second place went to Shyanne Ostrander with her presentation on “Cowboy Mounted Shooting.”

Thanks to Elida DeLuca, chair of the contest; judges Steve Mazeau, Dr. Jenifer Nadeau, Ben Robinson, Kathie Rogaleski, Kyle Scott, and Margaret Wilhelm intern Rebecca Groves, and the UConn students who helped time the contest: Audree Herrera Symonds, Shauneen O’Neill, and Amanda Zyzdorf.

The youth are all winners by conquering their fears about public speaking and increasing their self-confidence by participating in these contests!

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