Alfano Is Back to Win $15,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show

Tradition continued at Pin Oak for Jennifer Alfano in the form of a “lucky stock tie.” “Years ago at Devon, I was running around, and Susie Schoellkopf was late, and it was time for the derby. I saw Lynn Walsh and asked, ‘Can you tie this?’ And I won the class on him,” said Alfano speaking of Jersey Boy and how the tradition began.

Courtesy of Pin Oak

Before entering the ring to compete in the March 30, $15,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by The Baggett Family, Lynn Walsh, the president of The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, gave Alfano a lucky stock tie.  The ritual has continued to pay dividends whenever Alfano and Walsh are at the same horse show.

Alfano and Jersey Boy smoothly navigated the course designed by Eric Mayberry to capture today’s Derby tri-colors. “It was a nice course today,” she said. “There were tight turns and places you could gallop, which made for a good course overall.”

Alfano, of SBS Farms in Buffalo, New York, recently began showing again after nearly a year off due to an injury. She saved the ride for the derby today after taking a few days off.

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