Equestrian Undergarments

March PrePurchase Exam

1. Women’s AIP Sport Underwear by Pony Tail Sportswear

Sore seat bones? The Pony Tail Sportswear underwear is for deep-seated equestrians (we are looking at you, dressage, eventing, and western riders) who need a little cushion. As any avid rider knows, yesterday’s stunning ride can leave your seat bones feeling like you have to stand for the next few days. The foam on the seat panel of these bottoms works to absorb some of that impact and save your backside from feeling bruised. As a bonus, these shorts have pretty lace detailing (which features silicone on the back to prevent bunching) and fit close to the skin so it doesn’t feel or look like you’re riding in a diaper—our tester’s instructor had no idea she even had them on!
Buy it: ponytailsportswear.com; $79.99

2. Andiamo Women’s Padded Brief

Riding the sitting trot is no fun, and it’s even worse if you have no padding on your derriere. Our tester who tried out the Andiamo padded underwear found them to be comfortable while in the saddle. As someone who has fractured her tailbone twice from falling, these undies gave her a sense of relief at the thought of extra padding in her hind side, which occasionally goes numb after 20 minutes in the saddle. Although some padded panties tend to have a diaper feel to them when you’re getting a good sweat, our tester found these to be very moisture wicking. The only faux pas we could find was that there was a bit more padding in the crotch area than she’s used to—while this might be helpful for a bike ride, it’s not necessary while riding horseback.
Buy it: andiamounderwear.com; $23.25

3. Cheata Equestrian Trotter Bra and Trotter Tank

Riding isn’t exactly big-busted rider friendly—finding a bra that supports you at the sitting trot and doesn’t dig into you like a too narrow saddle can be difficult. After figuring out how to properly put on and adjust the bra (there is a specific technique to it, but thankfully Cheata has an easy-to-follow video), our well-endowed tester fell in love with the Trotter line. She was impressed with how well it reduced any bouncing while riding (fellow riders even noticed), smoothed out her sides and back, and left zero red marks or indents after a long day at the barn. She did note that because the bra zips in the back, shoulder flexibility or a friend is important in getting in and out of the Trotter. At a bit of a higher price point than a traditional sports bra, the Cheata Trotter Bra is a musthave splurge for larger chested equestrians. For warmer months where a sleeveless top is all you need, the Trotter Tank is basically a stretchy, wicking tank top with the high impact protection bra built in. It tucks nicely in a pair of breeches and comes in fun colors.
Buy it: cheataequestrian.com; $69.95, $79.95

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