Work Your Arms With Preacher Curls

The arms are constantly working when you are riding. The biceps especially tend to carry the horse’s imbalances, which is why it’s so important that a rider’s biceps are strong enough to endure the corrections they make to maintain the connection between the horse and rider.

For instance, when a horse is trotting and starts to fall downhill, a rider will engage the biceps and try to “carry” the horse. The bicep will burn out and the muscle will inevitably fatigue if it tries to work like this for too long. Similarly, turning, bending, and flexing all come from the biceps with support from other muscles surrounding it. With the core in the right position, the bicep can engage without compromising the rider’s balance. A trained bicep will contract and lengthen as is the proper mechanics to be elastic. The bicep can never “carry” a horse from going downhill, the horse has to be corrected.

As a horse starts to lean on the reins, a rider’s bicep kicks in between eccentric and concentric contractions, along with aids from the seat and leg, which will help relieve any tension in the rider’s arms. A great exercise for equestrians to strengthen their biceps are preacher curls.

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