Holiday Home Decor

Sleigh Bells Ring

Deck the halls with…bales of hay? As if us equestrians need any more reasons to bring our love of all things horse into the home, the holidays are a perfect time to let pony adoration shine. So buy another box of candy canes “for your horse”—it’s time to celebrate!


[1] Ribbon Stocking ($28) Show off your winnings with this one-of-a-kind handmade stocking, which can be customized with your own ribbons.

[2] Horse Holiday Wreath ($69) Door adornment has never been more fun!

[3] Eco Horseshoes Blanket ($165) Nothing says snuggly like a thick, totally eco-friendly blanket (with bonus lucky horseshoes!)

[4] Hamer and Clay Custom Ornament ($20-$30) A fully customized, handmade ornament for less than dinner for two? Yes, please.

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