Collecting Thoughts—Sara Ladley of Hunt Club

Sara Ladley is a 24-year-old amateur equestrian from Pittsburgh, PA, and the owner of Hunt Club ( When she’s not working her day job or designing rad new graphics for Hunt Club, she shows her horses in the Amateur Owner and Adult Amateur Hunter divisions throughout the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. She loves travel, coffee, and introducing the equestrian world to good design one graphic tee at a time.

Sara Ladley

Age: 24
Business name: Shop Hunt Club LLC

What ’s your favorite barn hack?

My favorite way to save time at the barn is to forgo the saddle completely and ride my horses bareback when I can. It’s a great workout for me, more comfortable for them, and saves me a ton of time if I’m running on a tight schedule!

What famous horse would you love to ride?
Valegro! I’m not a dressage rider, but he looks like an absolute dream to flat. He could certainly teach me a thing or two about about piaffe and passage.

Do you have any lucky charms?
I always wear the exact same Hunt Club belt buckle when I show. It hasn’t failed me yet!

What is your favorite pre-horse show food?
Apples or bananas with almond butter—healthy and easy on the stomach! Plus they travel well, and if I don’t finish, my horses are always happy to help out.

What ’s the first thing you do when you get home after a long day?
Make coffee! I do most of my design work for Hunt Club when I get home from work and the barn in the evenings, so hot coffee is usually a must.

If you weren’t in the horse industry, what would you be doing?
If I didn’t ride, show, or own horses, I’d love to be a travel writer or field journalist of some kind. I studied anthropology in college and have always been fascinated by both the similarities and differences in how people all over the world conduct their daily lives.

What song do you love to have on repeat?
The entire Brothers album by The Black Keys—an oldie but a goodie!

What was your worst fall off a horse?
My very first show in the Children’s Hunters with my first horse Dos started off with me getting thrown head-first into an oxer in the covered arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. It wasn’t the nastiest fall, but it was the first time I had ever fallen off at a horse show and I was terrified afterwards!

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