Hand it to the Hamstrings

This article is part two of our spotlight on strengthening the hamstrings. Once you’ve conquered donkey kicks (see last month’s article), try a bridge on the stability ball. After one minute, you’ll wonder how you have the strength to keep your hamstrings engaged during your whole ride! The bridge is one of the best exercises for the core because it fires up the glutes and teaches the lower core to support itself. Increasing glute engagement helps increase overall pelvic support.

Challenge your hamstrings even more with leg curls on the stability ball. By adding the curling motion, the lower core has to engage to support the pelvis and keep the hips elevated while rolling the ball to and from the body. This makes it great for your core because it fires up the glutes and teaches the lower core to support itself. Leg curls are one of the best exercises for riders because they increase pelvic balance and strength for a better overall core stability in the saddle.

Go to bioriderfitness.com/top-3-coreexercises-riders to view a video showing the bridge and leg curls on the stability ball.

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