Meet Johnny Joe

My makeover horse’s name is Johnny Joe. It’s kind of like the “Ricky Bobbie” of show jumping—two plain names combined to make a working class animal with a split personality. 

When I dreamed of a horse, I dreamed of a middle-aged bay gelding around 16 hands with a short back, long neck, and he was to be serviceably sound. Well, Johnny Joe is all that and a bag of chips. When you first look at him you see his head and think, “I better pass on this one,” but when you consider the (low) number of horses out there that are qualified for this, you better take a look.  (At least that is what I did.) And when I did, I found that he was a dream horse.

A 10-year-old bay gelding with a star and hind coronets, Johhny Joe has some very powerful angles in his shoulders and hind end. He is 16.1 hands with a short back, long neck, and lots of “jewelry” on his legs; bangles, knuckle rings, various scared piercings. But he moves very sound—more than serviceably sound—and is elastic with a nice over-step in the walk, lots of suspension, and expression. He has a really long tail (like a cat), is thin skinned, and has curiously loppy ears.

He has tons of potentials, but is currently a rack of bones. (I guess this will make for excellent before and after pictures.)

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