Addison Gierkink and Denver Van’t Goemanshof Take Top Spot in $30,000 Week Two Grand Prix at Saratoga Springs Horse Show

Photo credit to ESI Photography, courtesy of Saratoga Springs Horse Show.

With the first of her two rides, Addison Gierkink navigated the Anthony D’Ambrosia course to find herself ultimately first and third. Denver Van’t Goemanshof, her first ride, went clean and well within the time allowed. In Gierkink’s second round she nailed it in 39.773 which put her at the top where she remained.

Cormac Hanley with Captain Caruso found the time of 40.044 on the scoreboard while Gierkink came back with S&L Slingback to fall just below that with 40.508 to finish third. Shachine Belle on Wild Card rounded out the top four with a second round time of 43.748.

D’Ambrosia who is a native sun of the tri-state area is quickly to state how pleased he is to be back here at the Saratoga Springs Horse Show course designing where he spent many years as a rider. “It’s always a pleasure to be here” says D’Ambrosia “and it’s impressive to see how much the show has grown in the five years under the new management.”

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