I’m a Horse Whisperer

I have been kicked seriously by horses—the majority of times while body clipping. Permanent disability has narrowly missed me multiple times and I consider this a part of my good fortune in the horse business. I am 54 and still have most of my capacities.

I tranquilize horses at discretion to body clip them. When I complained to my husband about the cost of the sedation he said, “If you’re any kind of  horse trainer, you should not need that kind of thing.” To which I said something like, “to heck with you,” along with a few choice words.

I don’t know what happened, but 12 hours later I woke up and I had become a horse whisperer. I knew this the moment I raised the clippers over the sensitive head of Larry, a usually unhappy clipper. Moments later, he fell asleep while I clipped his legs, head, sheath, and ticklish arm pits. I guess my attitude had become that of Larry’s personal  stylist, not the person who needed to body clip him.

Inexplicabily, we had been transformed; Larry into a horse who liked clippers, and me into a horse whisperer. Who knows if this gets me any closer to winning the Thoroughbred Makeover, but I made my husband happy.

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