The Anxious Amateur’s New Years Resolutions

As 2016 peeks its head around the corner, I, like the rest of the world, find myself reflecting on the past year. What went well? What needs to be worked on? I don’t know about my other anxious comrades, but making lists soothes my soul. So here’s what I aim to do in the New Year—in handy-dandy list-form.

1. Ride. More.
There’s nothing I love more than plopping my butt in a saddle and getting ride time. It’s definitely tough to get to the barn with a full time job, but troves of us Anxious Amateurs do it every day. Does it stink sometimes not having a horse to call my own? You bet your booty it does. But I’m lucky to ride at a barn full of babysitting school horses who for sure aren’t going to kill me. I’ll take that.

2. Get out of the box.
For years I’ve been saying that I’d love to go cross-country schooling…and for years I haven’t done that. So, 2016—challenge accepted! I did hit a milestone in 2015, however—I rode a horse in a field, just galloping around. After riding for 12-odd years, most people would be surprised that it took so long to get out of the ring. I’m not planning on going full Eventer—yet!—but I felt a freeness that I’ve never felt before on a horse—one that I’d like to feel again.

3. Don’t buy another show coat.
My name is Anxious Amateur and I’m a show coat-aholic. I’ve bought two brand spankin’ new coats in the past year, and I only went to one horse show. The coats are gorgeous, of course, but if history repeats itself in 2016, I probably won’t be the horse show queen. If I attend one show, I’d need to change my coat every 45 minutes to cycle through my collection, which is less than convenient (and totally silly). Come at me, suede collars and contrast piping—I’m not buying.

4. Break a sweat.
I’m well aware that it’s highly stereotypical to set better fitness as a New Year’s resolution—why do you think I joined a gym in the first place? But I’ll also be the first to admit that it would be nice to not scare the children with my heaving after bringing horses in from the paddock. Not unlike a lot of things, the gym intimidates me (What do I do with my arms when I run? Can people hear me huffing over their iTunes?)—but I owe it to myself to try harder in 2016.

5. Budget, budget, budget.
Post-grad life is stressful, money-wise—you make enough to pay every bill on the face of the earth, but there’s rarely a lot of extra cash to spend on fun stuff. I’m going to try and cut down totally unnecessary spending in 2016 to save up for lessons, shows, and clinics. It might be tough—especially with so many show coats in the world—but will certainly be worth it when I get to spend more time with these fantastically ridiculous creatures we love so much.

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