Equine Journal's 2018 Fall Fest Contest

Equine Journal is excited to announce the 2018 Fall Fest Contest with five days of giveaways and prizes from SmartPak, Buckwild Breeches, HandsOn, English Riding Supply, and Kauffman's! From September 24-28, go to equinejournal.com/contest to see the day's prize and enter to win!

Unsure If You Should Insure?

Equine insurance, for many, is often thought of as too expensive, too complicated, or just flat out unheard of. However, protecting assets is something insurance companies are built for, and when disaster strikes, they can be there to help. So…

In This Issue

- A Look at Nosebands in the Jumper Ring
- Intercollegiate Associations for Every Discipline
- Covering the Basics of Equine Insurance

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