Equestrian Backpacks Tested

1. Grand Prix Rider’s Backpack For carrying everything from your horse’s medical papers to your helmet to your crop, this bag is a staple—look around a horse show and you’re sure to see a few Grand Prix Rider’s Backpacks. Made…

Bits and Accessories Tested

1. Herm Sprenger Duo Bit Calling all super sensitive-mouthed horse owners, this one is for you! Made of a soft, bendable plastic, our tester found the Herm Sprenger Duo bits to be perfect for her fussy gelding. The straight but…

Leather Care Essentials

1. Sterling Essentials Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Our tester found that this tack cleaner and conditioner is perfect for your everyday cleaning jobs. With a fine mist that can be easily applied to a towel and then effectively to…

In This Issue

- Tips for Better Ground Manners
- Improve Your Winter Barn Ventilation
- A Look at Mallenders and Sallenders in Feathered Breeds

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