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Our 25 Days of Christmas WINNERS! Congratulations!
Day 1 Kim Morrison
Day 2 Amber Kawecki
Day 3 Douglas Lucht
Day 4 Christel Noble
Day 5 Randi Kelper
Day 6 Stephanie Klebes
Day 7 Paul Smith
Day 8 Nancie Jarvis
Day 9 Breanne Higginbotham
Day 10 Heather Tower
Day 11 Baili Kerth
Day 12 Jackie DiCenso
Day 13 Kim Morrison
Day 14 Shannon Metzler
Day 15 Vicki Ward
Day 16 Jill Hudspeth
Day 17 Heather Hartland
Day 18 Doris Kennedy
Day 19 Gerlinde Smith
Day 20 Dawn Boon
Day 21 Kelsey Evans
Day 22 Celeste Santos Rivera
Day 23 Rebecca Reardord
Day 24 Desirea Scharenbroich
Day 25 Brianna Ziomek


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