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Barndominiums—Reinventing the Rural Live-Work Space

Read the full article by Rethink:Rural here. Barndominiums, also known as “Barn Homes” or “Taj Mastalls,” are gaining popularity with landowners across the country. These multi-purpose structures serve as a workspace—such as a barn, garage or shop—and a home in one building. Popular among individuals, couples, small families and weekenders, their designs range from humble one-story steel buildings (with beautiful indoor…

The Road to Qualifying for The Washington International Horse Show—Top Riders and Trainers Share Their Tips

By Sara Cook/Jump Media

At the beginning of each year, riders and trainers set their sights on attending the prestigious indoor shows that take place during the fall season. Bright lights and late nights mark the unique indoor shows that garner the undivided attention of the entire country. However, there is a catch. Each horse and rider pair must qualify and be accepted in order to compete. And, qualifying is no easy feat. During October 24-29, 2017, riders, trainers, and horses lucky enough to make the cut will gather in the heart of Washington, D.C., for the 59th annual Washington International Horse Show.

5 Reasons to Build your Barn in Winter

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It’s a well-known fact that traveling during off-peak times can save you a considerable amount of money. But would it surprise you to discover that building a barn in the off-season is no different? This fact is often overlooked but it can have a dramatic impact on your construction timeline and your wallet. Barn Pros is uniquely positioned to provide a building package and construction system that allows your builder to construct during the winter months.

On the Other Side of the Fence—how technology is working to keep our horses safer

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Courtesy of Ramm Fencing By Karen Elizabeth Baril Sponsored Content Brought to You By Ramm Fencing. True story: Karen walked out to the field gate to let her horses in for their evening feed. Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed her horses were not waiting for her at the gate. That was odd; they were always at the…