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Senior Riders Prove You Can Ride at Any Age

The love of horses withstands the test of time and we all dream of riding until we can no longer saddle up and gallop away, but partaking in such a dangerous sport can put a damper on those dreams as the years go on. For Deanna Ross, 67, Jill Truitt-Langan, 63, and Agnita Knott, 69, age is just a number…

Righting the Rush—How to Fix the Jump-Rusher

For many riders, jumping is their favorite part of riding. The thrill of being in mid-air with the horse and feeling fully connected is a big deal. There are some riders who want to feel that great trust and bond with their horse, but fear of failure or injury, commonly when their horse gets excited for the jump and rushes…

A Q&A with Isabell Werth

As the world’s most successful dressage rider with seven World Championship titles, 10 World Cup medals, 10 Olympic medals, 17 medals at European Championships, and 14 German Championship titles, to name a few of her accomplishments, Isabell Werth’s name will be stamped into equestrian history forever. Although she is now the most decorated rider in dressage history, Isabell started with…

Be Prepared!—Prep Your Barn for Winter

After a summer of warm weather, New Englanders know that fall means it is time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the impending winter—and inevitable nor’easter—that is coming soon. Use these tips to be ready when the temperature drops. Use Your Head First and foremost, use your common sense. Charlie Noyes, of A&B Barns, and Michael Taylor, president…

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Equitation Finals

For junior riders, some of the most coveted ribbons are awarded at the end of an equitation final. From the ASPCA Maclay to the United States Equestrian Federation Hunt Seat Medal, the road to finals is as long and challenging as it is rewarding in more ways than trophies. Experts Kelli Cruciotti, 2015 Pessoa/U.S. Hunt Seat Medal Final winner, and Kathy Fletcher, owner and head trainer of Grazing Fields Farm in Buzzards Bay, MA, weigh in with their tips for making the journey a smoother one.

The Northeast’s 10 Best Trail Ride Events

When you live in the Northeast, it is easy to forget just how lucky we are to have all four seasons in such a beautiful and unique landscape. And what better way to take in the natural splendor of our states’ scenery? Trail riding! Though many of us prefer not to go on trails alone, or we may not have one near our barn, we do have fantastic organizations that work to put on the best events for members and the public.

5 Hay Hazards

As natural grazers, horses spend a majority of their free time eating. Therefore, it is imperative to feed horses safe, clean, and healthy hay. Feeding questionable hay can result in digestive issues, nutrient deficiency issues, and even possible death. By taking the proper steps to ensure that the hay is safe, you also work to ensure that your horse is safe.