February Contest—Turtle Tactio™ Flex 16MM Loose Ring Snaffle from Neue Schule

Sponsored by Neue Schule

This bold TongueSMART™ design focuses rein pressure to the central part of the tongue whilst diverting pressure away from the sensitive regions near the bars. The unique central ‘Turtle’ link brings the proximal ends of the cannons to their closest separation possible. The Flex ™ concept of widening the surfaces that lie parallel to the plane of the tongue reduces…

12 Days of Christmas Contest—Day 9

Platinum Sponsorship by Kerrits

On the ninth day of EJ’s 12 Days of Christmas Contest, Kerrits and Equine Journal give to you…the Shoe-In Quarter Zip in Black/Blue, On Track Riding Vest in Black, and Fleece Performance Tight in Dark Blue! Congratulations to Danielle C. of Midland, VA!

12 Days of Christmas Contest—Day 8

Platinum Sponsorship by Shires Equestrian Inc.

On the eighth day of EJ’s 12 Days of Christmas Contest, Shires Equestrian Inc. and Equine Journal give to you…a Single Bridle Bag, Saddle Carrying Bag, Grooming Kit Bag, Tall Boot Bag, Helmet Bag, Garment Bag, and Boot, Helmet, & Whip Bag! Congratulations to Heather H. of Johnstown, PA!

12 Days of Christmas Contest—Day 7

Platinum Sponsorship by HandsOn

On the seventh day of EJ’s 12 Days of Christmas Contest, HandsOn and Equine Journal give to 10 of you…HandsOn Gloves! Congratulations to Victoria B. of Thompson, CT; Mary C. of Sheridan, IN; Erin C. of Pittsburgh, PA; Stacy G. of Lone Star, TX; Agnita K. of Upton, MA; Kathy L. of Marietta, GA; Tracy M. of Parkersburg, WV; Rebecca M. of Woodstock, CT; Rita S. of Okmulgee, OK; and Aimee W. of Sandwich, MA.