Rain Doesn’t Stop the 48th Annual Lake Placid Horse Shows

While rain led to the rescheduling of the $100,000 Great American Insurance Group Grand Prix from July 8 to noon on July 9, the outstanding footing at the 48th annual Lake Placid Horse Shows, presented by Sea Shore Stables, LLC and sponsored by Bainbridge Farm, allowed the rest of the horse show to continue as planned.

The all-weather footing in the E. R. Mische Jumper Ring, the Kovacs-Williams Hunter Ring, the Main Hunter Ring and the Hooker Ring held up perfectly despite several days of heavy rain over the two weeks and not one class scheduled in those rings was cancelled! “The footing in the hunter rings was truly amazing,” said rider Nicole Oliynyk who rode Sea Walker to the Adult Amateur Hunter Grand Championship during the first week. “It took the rain and help up perfectly!” Trainer Stacia Madden echoed Oliynyk’s feelings, saying, “The footing here could not be better. With all the rain we got the first week and then again today, we did not scratch one single horse because of it. This footing allowed the horse show to go on without a hitch!”

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In Saturday’s $10,000 Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, Alexandra Pielet claimed the win over a 23-horse field on Helene Ve. Pielet and Helene Ve completed a two-week sweep of Lake Placid’s Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series events with two clean rides and the fastest jump-off time of 35.630 seconds. Placing second with a clean jump-off ride in 37.312 seconds on Darthus was Charlotte Jacobs while Samantha Kasowitz took third with a clean jump-off ride in 38.066 seconds on Charlie.

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Ava Ellis won the $5,000 The Wild Center Children’s Jumper Classic riding Quickley 3. Twenty-two of the 43 horses in the class qualified for the jump-off with clean first rounds and Ellis claimed the win with the fastest of the 12 clean jump-off rides, finishing in 30.180 seconds. Farah Rizvi placed second with a clean jump-off ride in 30.365 seconds on Zopola and Moanie Moreira Laliberte was third with a clean ride in 32.560 seconds on Uranie Du Tillard.

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Saturday also featured the horse shows’ 25th annual Doggie Costume Contest sponsored by Lake Placid Lodge which was won by Caroline Desfor’s 9-year-old Corgi, Fluffy, dressed as a “Lake Placid Pool Party.”