Packing for a Show

This weekend, I’ll be covering the Saratoga Springs Horse Show. I’m currently on my way there as we speak, but since my husband is accompanying me (and driving!) I figured I’d take a minute to check in on, and discuss the type of planning that it takes to go to a horse show. When you’re covering a horse show for a magazine, it’s a little bit different from when you’re attending for a competition (i.e., you don’t have to get up at four a.m., go to the barn, get the horses loaded, double check to make sure you have all your tack and equipment loaded, etc.). Instead of loading all my tack onto a trailer, I instead have to make sure I have enough magazines packed to disperse as the show, my camera, laptop, etc. Read on to learn what I usually bring with me when I attend shows.



Here’s a short rundown of all of the items that I usually have to include in my packing list:

• Magazines

• Camera

• Video Camera

• Laptop

• iPad

• Cell phone

• Digital Recorder

• Tripod

• Bag to put all my “stuff” in

• Notepad and pen

• Business Cards

• Snacks and water (for eating on the road and hydrating at the horse show)

• Sunscreen

• Riding boots (in case there is an opportunity to ride), helmet, breeches

And then of course, if I’m staying overnight, I have to pack other essential items such as socks, underwear, medication, etc. Because I’m super organized a procrastinator, I usually end up doing a ton of laundry the night before, make sure the camera batteries are charged, and get up super early the next morning to pack my car, do a run-through to make sure I have everything I need, pack the dogs’ food to bring them to the kennel, drop them off, and then hit the road! I would be lying if I told you that I never forget anything, but usually it’s something stupid, like my toothbrush, dental floss, or mascara…stuff I can easily pick up at a drugstore. And there you have it – my packing list for covering a horse show! Super exciting, I know!

Now I want to know…what are your must-have items that you bring to a horse show (other than your horse, show equipment, clothes, etc.)?