OAATS April 2013

Ohio Arabian & All-Breed Trail Society

Remembering Marcia Bacon

Submitted by Mickie Newnam

I’m sad to report that Marcia Bacon, one of the founding members of Competitive Trail Riding in this area (and of what has become Ohio Arabian & All-Breed Trail Society [OAATS]), passed away in February at the age of 91. Those of you newer to the sport may only know her by reputation, but she was a fixture at many rides, from the time the sport began until about 10 years ago, and she was active at Equine Affaire for several years after that. She was one of the original members of the Distance Committee in the Arabian Horse Association of Ohio, and served on the OAATS Board of Directors until her health prevented it. I think she did every possible type of participation in rides, except, obviously, being the vet. But, she was a rider, lay judge, secretary, manager, pulse taker, and general volunteer. She marked and unmarked her share of trails. She was an Arabian Horse Association (AHA) steward and served as steward for a lot of our Regional rides. She participated in putting on clinics. And, even after she could no longer make it to the meetings or rides, her thoughts were with us. She will be truly missed.

I rode one ride with Marcia, and we decided that together we were way too directionally-challenged for that, but we had fun anyway. I worked untold rides and Equine Affaire with her. I have lots of fond memories, as do all of the riders who have spent years in the sport in this area. She was also very active in her church, bridge club, and more. At one point, I told her that I wanted to be able to do half the things she did when I reached her age! (I forgot just what age she was at the time.)

Now, on to happier news. For those of you who missed the banquet, it is your loss! It was a small crowd, but we had a great time. This year, we did something a bit different. Best Western was no longer doing catering, so this event was self-catered. Well, Carolyn-catered. Carolyn Sullivan did a great job of pulling the meal together. And, if we choose to do that again next year, Karen McCabe has volunteered to help with homemade desserts. The cost was very reasonable too, which never hurts.

Happy Riding, and please come to help at Equine Affaire!

Photo: Mickie Newnam
Bill Cameron presents Maureen Fehrs with a Recreational Riding award.

Photo: Mickie Newnam
Morgan Loomis, Junior Award winner.

Photo: Mickie Newnam
Marcia Bacon.